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“I became a Life Coach to help people transform their lives I my self had a Coach come in to my life and we created a life that work. Before there was something missing in my life no real freedom no real purpose.and I want to see you accomplish more than you can on your own. It is difficult to find the time and motivation, so I will push you to accomplish your goals.”

Do you know who you are?
Living authentically is about living your truth. Expressing who you really are. Sharing your natural gifts and talents. Being yourself. However, if you do not know who you really are, how can you possibly live authentically? 

RJames Elliott is the founder and President of Elliott & Associate's Development Coaching . He grew up in Chicago. He has traveled to Europe and all over the USA taking seminars, teaching seminars and writing from his own life lessons. He has 13 years of experience as a Speaker, Life Coach and Leading Workshops. (He is call the Coach of coaches )He is a member of several groups, including Coachville, Landmark Education, Prosperous Coaching and Trauma Coaching.During the past 13 years RJames has been involved in personal and professional growth experiences, coaching, opened and closed one business, and then started a new business.

In his coaching he acknowledges the immanence of Holy Spirit in the world.RJames is a Christ-like faith-based Metaphysical Coach, who acknowledges GOD,the father, as the Source (God Spirit) of the Universe. RJames says, "As a student of metaphysics, I use what I have learned to assist people break free from what’s holding them back. I believe the path to freedom is the path of wisdom. The mantra I follow and employ today with RJames Elliott Coaching is, - Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. ~ Anais Nin .' - If you are looking for success, it is never just about the career (or not about me), or the relationship, it is about the whole Being.” RJames is acclaimed for his work as a life coach, working with individuals, couples and families in designing and living extraordinary lives. He has a special ability in building leaders and coaching his clients to deep lasting satisfaction in their lives and living their happiness.

P: (224) 800.5675 Skype:Rjames_Elliott

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