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Life coaching is too mediocre of a word to describe the teachings of Rj Elliott. 
The unique and blessed quality of Rjames is that he allows spirit to speak through him as unfiltered as humanly possible. Along with this wonderful talent he doesn’t lead down a path of new discovers about yourself he allows you to reach those pivotal points of discovery for yourself. I met him in a very big crossroads in my life. I sent him a simple open letter asking for suggestions on a couple of spiritual books. He took that letter and turned it into a yearlong coaching experience that my family and I will cherish for the rest of our lives. People come into our lives in certain seasons for certain reasons. If you are reading this understand universal timing and its meaning. There are no accidents. Rjames is a mentor, a man of God, and believer of the universal truths, we are all one, we are all love, we are all part of the experience. Allow him to bring you present to your experience. 

-Mike Willis advertising executive 

My Success Story

What have you gotten out of coaching?

What I have received out of coaching is the fact that I can control what I want  for myself.  My hopes and dreams can come to fruition depending on how I wield my own power. 

What results have I received out of coaching? (Motorcycle, school, career) I have gone from having a dream board with wants on them to actually living out some of those dreams, thus far. I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle so I had the courage to take a class.  I wanted to do sound for film and after a little while of networking with no results I decided to go to school.  I graduated with honors and a 3.9 grade average while working full time and attending school part time.  I ma now in a very hands-on internship at a post production company working on a film - not only doing sound but I am doing film editing, visual affects and sound. I will complete my internship in six months with a well-rounded film resume that will lead to a firm position at a post production facility in the film industry.

How has coaching affected my relationships?

People have seen me in my darkest state.  I was very negative, depressed and rarely thought of anything good happening to me.  Recently, someone told me I am "too optimistic".  Although this person had not seen me in my darkest moments, it is good to know that I have turned around my attitude and outlook on life.  It was a true "ah ha" moment for me.  

What peace has coaching caused me? (Dad passing, travel)

My relationship with my dad was good but there was the elephant in the room about our past.  I was upset with how my sisters and I were raised and I resented him for his ways which I thought caused my "misery" in my present life.  For me, he was a supportive dad but was very oppressive, not trusting, easily angered and hard to talk to.  I even blamed his abuse for the reason why God took my mom away from me.  I turned these into stories that kept me from succeeding and continually falling short of what I wanted for myself.  I finally had an open talk with him and I felt the shift which allowed me to feel that I could truly talk to him.  

I had always wanted to go to Spain and made excuses not to. Without coaching, I would not have gone there recently which were the best 9 days on a vacation I have ever had.

While in school, I was always uptight, nervous and always wondered what others thought of me.  I was working through high stress constantly.  After graduation, I released the stress.  I had already decided that I would move to New York for an internship and to work.  During the preparation and process of the move and even after I made it to NY, I had not managed to find an apartment, a job or an internship.  I was not worried and had always remained calm. Fear and doubt would creep it but I took the leap of faith and dispelled them both.  Shortly after arriving in NY I found an apartment and landed an internship. I am creating a job for myself during the meantime and the fear and doubt are gone.  I do not worry yet I remain focused and positive on what I want to generate for myself.  Without coaching, I would have not gone to school, but would have continued working my 9 to 5 job continually being unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

We can talk more about these tonight or this week if you'd like.  I did speak with Janet and it was interesting.  I didn't feel a shift but for a moment when she spoke about something in particular.  I'll have to find my notes and figure out what moment that was.  Why she didn't move me in a bigger way than I had expected was because I wasn't sure how she was able to connect to me in order to make these clearings for me.  I don't remember giving her details - maybe I left my full name on her voicemail - but I didn't understand how she could do all of that without making some sort of connection with me first.  We talked about my trip to Spain and finances and she mentioned some percentages that didn't sound "right".If the trip was 100% beneficial, how could it be 15%-20% not beneficial?  There were just some things I didn't understand but I asked questions and she is supposed to be sending me a tape of what she recorded but I have not received it yet.

Staci C.

My Success Story

It is with great pleasure that I provide my personal and professional endorsement of Rjames Elliot as a coach and mentor.  Since we started working together a few months ago, I have seen tremendous spiritual, personal and professional growth. 

Based on the work we’ve done together, I’m moving forward powerfully in many key areas of my life, particularly in my business.   In the month of February, I was recognized as one of the top sales people (11 out of nearly 800) in the country in my company.

Prior to February, I was not even on the radar screen.  With over 20 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer, I had never imagined becoming a successful sales person.  I can certainly say that this would not have happened as quickly as it did without RJames’ coaching. His one-on-one coaching, motivates and teaches inspiring wisdom and confidence.   Simple stated, the impact that his coaching has on his

clients can’t be fully put into words… has to be experienced!!!!

Steve Wilkinson 

Health/Life Insurance Broker

Healthcare Solutions Team

My Success Story

Since starting my coaching with RJames, my family has begun a mending process and my “job” has turned into a career with great financial potential. Confidence in myself is growing and people are noticing it too. All of this has occurred in about six weeks time and this is only the beginning!

Government and Education Sales Consultant

Staci C.

My Success Story

The Coaching is highly effective. We have seen an immediate Impact on our senior stall in the area of being more productive at work"

Center For Progress

My Success Story

I  was very impressed with the transformational power these coaching sessions had on the young adults we serve. Mr RJames Elliott really reached our participants and helps them to understand the power they have over their own life. From working with  Mr. RJames Elliott it has caused me to make life coaching a permanent part of our program design.

Cleophus J. Lee  

Program Manager North Lawndale Employment Network 

My Success Story

My experience with RJames caused a positive transformation in my life. I learned to journal daily. Journaling allowed me to focus on specific things for which I was grateful. Even during days of stress, despair and feeling hopeless, I became present to my God, my Higher Power, working in my life, at times when I really wanted to give up and retreat into hopelessness.
In just a short time, I realized that I can create my life and each day, each challenge, gives me an opportunity to choose the quality of my life. My income went from 0 to top sales person in my office in 3 months.

Valerie W., MBA, REALTOR
Chicago, IL

My Success Story

It is with enthusiasm that I offer this testimonial as I started coaching wanting to give up and not believing in myself and my power. Coaching has allowed me to take control of my life and my destiny! Having started coaching from a “survival mode” status allowing my problems to dictate my life through coaching I have learned to listen to life lessons and put my faith and trust in God to remove confusion. Within a months time as evidence from a physical at the doctor I lost 5 pounds my blood pressure went from per-hypertension to normal and I have eliminated carbonated drinks from my diet. I also engage in daily reflection and I am on the road to recovery with my financial situation as I have been saving money. The above-mentioned things are only the surface for the long-term transformations I am in the process of implementing such as a career change and starting my own business. Thank you RJames for allowing me to see my power!

Yalonda Neff, Chicago IL

North Lawndale Employment Network 

My Success Story

Thank god for Rjames! It was a strange situation that brought Rjames to me, and boy am I glad that he came into my life and words were “What had I been waiting for? I could have talked to him sooner.” Since our conversations stated 4 week ago, with his coaching and his strength by my side, I have made a massive turn around in my marriage situation and in me. The changes are there and my friends are amazed at the way I am dealing with these changes in my life.  I can honestly say I am so forward to each day now and what it brings with it, joy and knowing that this moment is what matters, and I matter, to make my reality. With your success coaching Rjames, I can see love, and joy and well-being in my day.

Thank you with love and gratitude

Catherine G. Cambridge, England U. K


My Success Story

We really enjoyed the coaching workshop and will be using them again at our sales meeting"

United Airline

My Success Story

Details of the Recommendation: "When I hired RJames my father had just passed away. I was stuck in moving forward in my life and couldn't find the petals to the bike I was riding to have it move forward. Now on the bike, petals in motion I have the tools to continue to move forward, bend and twist with what life brings with strength, power and confidence. Thank you RJames for the coaching and the tools you have provided me with; I now move forward in life with ease, confidence and grace. If you are looking for someone who has the ability to see through where you are stuck or stopped in life contact 


Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Shellie Cater

Providing Natural Solutions for Health

My Success Story

I was fearful, nervous and doubtful of my ability to land my first deal with the biggest client I have in my new business. Your Coaching gave me Confidence to "Be the one" THOSE WORDS OWNED ME, so much so that the client said, "Look, we know you are the one". Through your coaching I have created a life that is now full of possibility!

Michelle Majors Chicago, IL

My Success Story

Since beginning coaching with RJames business has grown exponentially financially. The company's annual net earnings have grown from five digits to nearly seven in less than 15 months. Awaking Truth Self recently began coaching my staff. The business has goals and so does each individual staff person.  I believe through coaching all of our goals will be met. Coaching is giving us all the spiritual, mental and physical tools to be successful in navigating through the workplace and life.  Each time we meet every one of us is able to share the MIRACLES we are experiencing in our lives.  Additionally, when I first thought about the possibility of having a Life Coach in my life it was definitely going to be my saving grace because my husband could really use the coaching.  However, RJames recommended we participate in a couples coaching and I reluctantly agreed. Couples’ coaching has been one of the BEST things to happen in our marriage. My husband and I have learned to really listen and communicate with each other. Thanks to Awaking Truth Self we have a great partnership and marriage. Awaking Truth Self, THANK YOU... 

Robin A. Upchurch & Associates

My Success Story


I was given the gift of coaching through my employer. I must admit, I didn’t really think that I needed a coach. After all, I’m spiritually grounded and I don’t care for interference from UN-traditional voices. But I decided that it was a gift and I would accept it in the spirit in which it was given. Therefore, I would be open-minded; because one thing I know for sure is that Coaching was like a breath of fresh air. It provided the guidance I needed to get UN-stuck in three major areas of my life. Coaching with Rjames Elliott of Awaking Truth Self has been just that, it has helped me to have a vision with a mission  (for my life). I needed to become clearer with what my real purpose in life is. Which is to be real to myself first and foremost. When I Started with RJames, he coached me to look in the mirror and be real about what you see. I began to heal, to give myself a cleansing of the mind. I saw hidden stuff, that I did not know was there.

RELATIONSHIPS - Coaching provided the strength I needed to become clear in my mind and heart to no longer prolong the inevitable. I thanked the individual for the good they brought to my life and ended the six-year relationship. I am now attracting my perfect mate

FINANCES- Three (3) simple jars changed the course of my financial path. I tithe more, I save more, I invest more, and in doing so, more money is coming into my life for which I am so grateful.

DECISIONS- Coaching provided the ability to gain insight on how to make choices vs. decisions. This method has created the freedom to pursue new goals and dreams and to no longer emotionally struggle with Yesterdays unfulfilled desires. I have learned that understanding  “WHY” is more than enough to attract the necessary people, places and circumstances to meet goals, fulfill any dreams and give heart the very best it can desire. 

A very special thanks to God for every good and perfect gift, to Robin for sharing the gift of coaching, and to RJames for presenting the gift in such a way that it was a pleasure to receive it. 

Much Love! Kim B. P

Chicago, IL

My Success Story

I've had many challenges, fears, disappointments and setbacks in my life; I was living day by day not understanding how or if I would ever fulfill my purpose in Life, and my desire to become a Christian Poet/Author. This for me was a one in a million chance, because I did not believe it could happen, I did not believe in myself. Coaching opened my eyes, lifted me up, gave me the tools and empowered me to believe in myself; organized and structured my life, and I learned the root and solution of the problem that had haunted me for years!

Through coaching with Coach Rjames, I learned the importance of honoring my word, of setting goals, accomplishing and completing assignments, and making time for ME!!!! This was not easy.... The most challenging lesson for me was the lesson of forgiveness.... I learned that I could not allow the pain of the past control the destiny of my future! Forgiveness gave me Freedom, Peace, and the will to Persevere, it gave me LIFE and Purpose! It united and strengthened broken relationships, empowered my vision and mission to see and to expect my dreams and desires to become reality!!!

I am now an ordained Elder and have recently presented my work on radio, concerts, and conferences and at church services. My manuscript is with my publisher and my book will be released soon I am grateful to God for His Grace, and Thankful to Awaking Truth Self Coaching™ for blessing my Life! My Life will NEVER be the same! Thank You Coach RJames You Are The BEST! (You Are My Elijah!). God Bless You Always!

Elder Stephanie S.

Chicago, IL

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